Washington Ferry Couple Photos // Bethany & Dionis


Ferry rides have always been one of my favorite things to do when I’m up in Washington! I feel like I could easily spend a whole day riding along the Puget Sound – back and forth between the small coastal terminals and the busy Seattle Skyline – it never gets old to me! So, hopping on the ferry with these two as the sun set over the water was MAGICAL.

 I’ve always thought it would be fun to do a photo shoot on the Edmonds-Kingston ferry. The inside vibes remind me of Wes Anderson aesthetics (so, already I was sold) and all the upper decks are full of fun architecture and cool shadow lines – all the makings for whimsical, creative photos! I’m just so grateful for these two wonderful people who trusted my vision for golden light and the perfect windy, messy hair! We had a BLAST! From exploring the different window seats, looking for whales (one day I’ll see them, I swear), wandering the upper decks, and frolicking the last few minutes away before docking! It was a sun soaked, good, good, good evening!

 We even ended the session with a spontaneous ice cream stop in Kingston, BEST GRAPEFRUIT SORBET EVER. It really was a beautiful evening. We all got back on the ferry for a night “cruise” back home, filled with good conversations, full bellies, and happy hearts.

 This job just continues to blow me away, the people I get to hang out with are just the raddest humans with the kindest hearts!

 Enjoy a glimpse into our ferry adventure!