Wow! What a day.  As much as I fought the idea of a rainy, stormy day trip to the coast (sorry Josiah), I finally gave in and was surprised by the unreal, beautiful weather and a day that ended with a ring on my finger! Hug point is one of the most stunning coastal spots I’ve been to, with caves, secret coves and a waterfall that runs right into the ocean.

Here’s a quick short and sweet recap of the day, and of course photos!

We started our Saturday with pho and coffee before heading off to explore Hug Point. The whole drive we blasted music and freaked out about how beautiful the weather was turning out to be (ya did good, Oregon).

After getting to Hug Point, we realized the tide was still too high to run around the point into the cove where the waterfall was. Our friends, Mikal and Andie, had gone ahead of us and set up the picnic before hiding to capture the moment. I was fine waiting for the tied to go out more, but Josiah, knowing we had to get over there, told me that if we timed it we could run when the waves were furthest out. It took some convincing (again, sorry Josiah), but I finally agreed and we booked it around the point. One other random couple decided to make the run with us. As we all four stood there, celebrating our sprint against the ocean into the cove, the other couple says, “What is that tribute thing over there?” At this point, I was still completely oblivious and couldn’t make out what was on the pallet board across the cove. I told them I had no idea, and Oregon just has weird stuff sometimes…we all laughed. Poor Josiah was silently freaking out and trying to figure out how to get me over to the spot without these other two. While we were standing at the waterfall, the couple made their way over to the set up and Josiah made sure I stayed distracted by the waterfall. When the guy realized they were photos of us he made eye contact with Josiah, got the gist of what was happening, grabbed his wife’s hand and they cleared the area… I missed all of this, thanks, Snapchat. Once the space was empty, Josiah led me over to the picnic. As soon as I got close and saw the pictures were of us I immediately knew what was happening and just started crying and laughing. Everything else feels like a blurry dream, but he got on one knee and I said yes to forever. Mikal and Andie came out and we all freaked out as they snapped pictures.

The next thirty minutes consisted of frolicking around the beach, taking photos, and repetitively saying, “Wait, is this real life?” After Mikal and Andie left, Josiah and I soaked in the overwhelming excitement and explored the coast. We ended our time at Hug Point with a picnic on top of the waterfall watching the sunset (real life? Yes). To wrap the day up, we celebrated with so many wonderful people, telling stories and eating way too much sugar.

My heart is so thankful.

Thankful for a guy who goes above and beyond to love me so well, and now I get to start a whole new and exciting season with him! Thankful for the coast and beautiful places, and so thankful for all those who were a part of the engagement and the celebrating (near and far).

Huge shout out to Mikal & Andie for capturing the moment. #dreamteam. 

And then we explored...