Eloping in Smith Rock State Park



Oregon has so many elopement locations that are such gems, but there’s something super special about Smith Rock State Park!

Jessica and John chose this space to celebrate their marriage to one another because they wanted a space that was adventurous, intimate, and spoke to their love for Oregon’s natural beauty!

It’s pure magic watching the orange glow on the rocks as golden hour illuminates the whole gorge! And, you really can’t go wrong with the jagged clifftops as a back drop to the moment you commit to “forever” with your person!

Sure, Smith Rock is a State Park, so yes, there are other people exploring it all day most days! BUT, there are so many hidden nooks and quiet spaces that are perfect for an intimate moment!! We can find a space that is perfect just for you two!!

A few things to think about if you’re wanting to elope at Smith Rock…

  1. There is plenty of spots that DON’T require hiking! So, don’t be stressed if you love the space, but want to avoid that sweat. ;)

  2. Keep it small. Smith Rock is perfect for just the two of you to say vows, or bring a few close friends and family to surround you in this beautiful space! If you want a bigger celebration, meet all the people at another location after the ceremony!

  3. Summer – it gets HOT! Maybe a sunrise or evening ceremony is for you??

  4. Be sure to check into State Park passes. Especially for a ceremony permit.

  5. Feel free to scout it out the day before! Or, ask me and we can scout it together!

Smith Rock really is one of the most beautiful Oregon elopement locations! The desert vibes don’t get much better than this!! However, Central Oregon is full of gorgeous spots, so be sure to shoot me a message and we can chat all about them!!


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