couple photography

Downtown Portland + Urban Couples Session

Sophie & Evan.

New friends & urban tones make a pretty darn good day! 

Small town strolls Couples Session

This sunny December day was full of exploring small town neighborhoods (found some gems), way too much laughing & feeling nostalgic with Bubble gum! A huge thanks to Riley & Cassie for brightening my Wednesday afternoon!

Chasing the sun at the Oregon coast

I'm always willing to drive the extra hours for a good shooting location - I just plug in a podcast or some solid tunes, grab coffee & enjoy the good headspace. It's a therapeutic thing, really. Driving is a good space to rest (and not stare at a screen). 

The coast never seems to disappoint either! Even if it's a 3 hour drive to catch the last 40 minutes of the golden hour, COUNT ME IN! 

Have some rad location ideas and want to shoot together? Message me! I'm ready for another drive!