On Iceland // 2018.


Iceland was captivating from the minute the plane descended below the clouds. It felt like a haven in the middle of the Atlantic. This is just a small space to share just a few of the many moments that made this trip so magical!

I learned that portable wifi for the car was a "must have," because Google Maps is life, am I right? Especially when places have names like Hafnarfjörður and Vestmannaeyjar. Also, a good discovery was that gas station hot dogs in Iceland are the actual best road trip snack - I had three in one day. yep, three. 

iceland's landscapes were unreal! The perfect atmospher for eloping, for road trips, for landscape photography, for sitting in a hot springs and reflecting on life, for all of the things. it's one of the most magical, adventurous places. And, i'd go back in a heartbeat!

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