The Guide Bundle: Investment + Welcome


The Guide Bundle: Investment + Welcome


Want BOTH the basic pricing guide AND the welcome guide?? This special little bundle is just for you then!!

The investment guide and welcome guide are designed to be paired! Both are about creating an above and beyond experience for your clients!! These fully customizable packets give you the platform to stand out and show who you are.

So what’s the purpose for each guide? Well…

The investment guide is the first thing you send to potential clients, it’s what gives them a taste for who YOU are and all the details for working together looks like! It’s a unique way to present your prices without having to just type a couple numbers and some $$$ into an email reply. SHOW them what the experience is like with you, give them a glimpse into how YOU capture moments and who YOU are as a photographer!

The Welcome Guide is packed full of goodies + info that you’ll send your clients once you’re all official and ready to roll! It helps walk your clients through all the details, step by steps, tips, and recommendations - it guides them through the whole process, start to finish and all the in between! This is a fun way to get your couples excited and give them an in depth + personal experience with you as their photographer! Show them the extra flare of who you are, your philosophy, and a little heart to heart. AND, give them an incredible resource to refer back to during all the wedding planning craziness!!

Both of these guides are a way of saying, “hey I REALLY care about what I do AND I really care about YOU!”

I’ve put in the hours and hours of boring work, now you just get the fun part of designing it to be yours! Each page is totally customizable to YOUR brand and style! Fill the image blocks with beautiful moments, write with your own voice and wording, edit the colors, change the font styles, and create a guide that speaks to your clients in a special way!


- 31 pages total
-ideas + guidance on what might be good info for each page
-color pallet ideas
-how to create your own color pallet
-step by step instructions on how to edit and style it to be your own
(you’ll be a boss at it in no time)!
-screen recording examples
-each page is a psd. (photoshop) file that’s easy to edit

And if you need help? Shoot me an email with any questions!

*because of the nature of digital products all sales are final and non-refundable