I'm Corrie! I live and hang out most of the time in Portland Oregon! But, I grew up overseas, which basically means I always have a constant itch to travel (you say the word and I'll start the packing)!

i'm a messy bun enthusiast (or half a messy bun on a good day), I love anything lavender flavored, days at the coast, Thai take out (thai ice tea errrry’ day please), and any will take any excuse to explore new places - even if it means driving all night and inhaling caffeine, or jumping on a red eye flight to hop the ocean! I’m game to join you anywhere your heart desires to travel to!

I'm such a firm believer that stories deserve to be listened to and savored, every single piece of them! I'm all about capturing the space you two choose together, the wind blown hair, the belly laughs, the tears, the quirky mannerisms, the sweet whispers, the interactions... the whole dang thing! I'm crazy in love with the natural and candid parts of life - and I want the images I capture to represent who YOU are. that is my ultimate goal as a photographer, to savor the feelings - big and little - that will remind you exactly how you felt in the moment.

I want to be more than just a photographer for you, I want to be friends! So, let's hang out! We can chat over coffee, wine, or donuts (or all three at the same time??) and plan an adventure together!

ps. a little more about my own story — I'm married to my best friend, adventure buddy, and high school sweetheart. He’s one of the kindest and most genuine humans I’ve ever met. Having both spent most of our lives overseas and traveling, you can always find us dreaming up our next big trip, google mapping driving distances, or searching plane tickets! He even second shoots with me sometimes - he'll be the one that joins the dance party! ;) 

In other news, I also have a small journal space to share snippets of "me" since I believe that images are worth more than 1,000 words. So, follow along on my journal for lil' pieces of my life! 


a few fun facts

1. I grew up in china + so did my husband (aka crazy trans-continental high school sweethearts)

2. thai. iced. tea.

3. I live in yoga pants + messy buns at home

4. I've seen every season of the show survivor (there's 39+ right now, that's pretty hardcore)

5. my friends say I start too many sentences with the phrase "So, I listened to a podcast..."

6. I love the city vibes as much as the nature getaways, so you'll probably catch me bouncing back and forth

7. my husband and I do way too many late night donut runs

8. I think Wes Anderson is a creative genius and his movies are my all time faves and are my creative inspirations

9. I'm waaaay too sentimental and still have my very first camera and all of it's pixelated goodness ;)

10. I love stories - and that love is the reason I first started making photographs

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