Just some Sweet, SWEET thoughts from the other side of the camera 



You never cease to amaze me! Hubby and I are so in awe of the work you created at our wedding! I’ve always pictured my wedding pictures being happy and fun- but you blew that out of the water! You embodied love, tenderness, joy, and straight up booty shakin! I’m so grateful and really cant say thank you enough! also You and Josiah are the dream team and we feel so blessed that you were a part of the best day of our lives. In fact, you made it even better! WE LOVE YOU!!

-savannah & carson

colorado mountain wedding


Having Corrie capture our wedding was a perfect experience. She was so warm and made everything feel natural. It was so easy to just have a good time and know that she was capturing everything for us. When we got the photos, we were amazed by how Corrie was able to remind us of the day in such a beautiful and meaningful way!

-brenn & ashley



Corrie is a such a warm and genial spirit! She makes your session feel comfortable and fun, And she captures moments that unfold with such authenticity and genuineness! She made me feel confident and beautiful, and gave my husband and I photos we will cherish for the rest of our lives! She and all she is, is such a gift to this world.

- TABATHA + paul



Working with Corrie was a dream, and this shoot was exactly what I hoped it would be!! It was fun, adventurous, and simple. She picked a beautiful location and let us be us in that space. And the pictures show exactly that! Corrie did an amazing job capturing the moments that make us, us.

-ANNABELLE + tyler



Corrie took pictures of my wife and I for our baby announcement. She was so fun and easy to shoot with while also getting high quality, thought out shots. When we got the pictures back we were blown away by her incredible framing and editing. I highly recommend Corrie, she’s a great photographer and also just a great person. Get your pictures done by her.

-tiffany + drew



Working with Corrie is such a joy! She takes the time to get to know her couples and genuinely engage with them in each session. Because of her passion for her work and the couples she works with, my husband and I adored the final product! We walked away with the most beautiful art to hang in our homes that truly reflects our love and relationship. If you get a chance to hire Corrie, do it! Her talent is immeasurable.

-jasmine + hakeem



Corrie is amazing. Throughout the whole process she was so attentive and responsive. I could feel her care and attention through each reply and was so thankful that she was patient despite my many questions... We did not have a chance to meet her before the wedding day, but it didn't matter a bit. Her warm and kind personality relaxed me instantly and we both trusted her to take care of everything. We got a little behind schedule at one point and she was the calming presence over everyone. She posed our families perfectly and with confidence and a smile the whole time. She even trekked into the woods with us for our dream photos in the ferns and trees and found the perfect spots for amazing portraits. And after all that, she blew us away again with the photos. She perfectly captured the feeling we experienced on our day. Looking through them we felt known despite hardly knowing her beforehand. The depth of her images and the entire experience she creates is an incredible gift. We will cherish the experience and the photos forever.

-lilly + josh