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I'm alllllll about learning from others and soaking up new perspectives & ideas! For me, one on one is where I thrive best as a learner and educator - so, if that's YOU, then a mentorship could be right up your alley! Trust me, I know how hard and overwhelming it is starting out as a full time photographer, building a business, and navigating the unknowns - HECK, even how hard it is a year or two into the biz and keeping up with it all! I want to not only be your cheerleader saying, "YOU GOT THIS," but also to be a support in helping you figure out those strategic moves and steps (the practical nitty-gritty) that will take what you're creating + making to a whole new level! SO, check out the details below, and if this has you feeling excited, fill out the form to chat more!

portland oregon mentoring sessions

COFFEE DATE + Biz chat

we'll meet up at a coffee shop and go over all the good info! it'll be about an hour or so of chatting and talking business details! we'll cover things from branding, social media, editing, pricing, marketing strategies, client interactions, workflow, posing + directing, and a portfolio critique! It'll be jam packed with take aways! I want to be 100% honest and opened about my experience and journey, so be sure to bring questions too!

at the end I’ll even email you a packet with some fun lil’ tools and hand outs to keep!

Not in the Portland, oregon area?? That’s totally fine! our ‘coffee date’ can also be done over facetime or google hang out!!

// $350 //


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