Wedding Guides + Templates: 4 Reasons Why I Love Them



I’m sure you’ve seen by now that I’m ALL about building creative + unique templates! Not only do I love design stuff, but I love the way you can create a visual representation of who you are and what you have to offer! SO, I want to share a few key reasons why I think guides and templates benefit photographers, and all small business owners!

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Whether it’s an investment guide to share your pricing or a welcome guide to show the step by steps, all the templates and guides I make are fully customizable! I want you to be able to change the style, the color, the fonts, etc. You write all your own words (even though I give tips and ideas of what could go where) and you add all your own imagery! These are the 4 key reasons I believe this customizable guides should be your best friend…


The guides help establish connection RIGHT off the bat! They show your personality and give you a chance to share your philosophy in a fun way! SHOW who you are, pairing image + words is powerful and creates that relationship right up front!


Set yourself apart! It’s easy to just respond to an email with a few words and a “quote,” but there’s something special about sending a personal touch! I always get excited for my couples to see what I’ve created for THEM, the effort I put in to making something unique and different! I want to stand out when they’re searching for photographers!


I want to immediately communicate the value with my clients! Sending a well designed guide shows the effort you put in to what you do. It speaks to the attention to detail and it adds character to the person behind the camera AS WELL as value to the art you make.


And, last but not least, it’s fun to receive something that’s atheistically pleasing! These guides let you present your work in a beautiful way that best displays your craft! That’s why I LOVE making these and sending them!! It’s so fun to see my work all beautifully pieced together with my philosophy, and it’s fun as a client to receive something so personal, special, and beautiful!

SO… if you want to check out some of the designs I’ve created, head over and check them out! AND, use code NOWILOVETHEMTOO for 10% off!

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