There & back

Over spring break a few friends and I did a road trip that took us through Arches, Zion and Yosemite. I hope you enjoy this space of small glimpses (worth more than 1,000 words) and snippets of journal excerpts from along the way. 

"This has been a time full of good friendship, all night drives, and soaking up new places. It's reminded me that there is more than just a physical journey, but a pilgrimage of the heart...from one place to the next, experiencing each new space was a process that felt important. I'm reminded to breathe deeply, heart open to the beauty and the wild."

"11:00 am beginnings, 4:00 am endings. Playlists on playlists, talking, pit stops at rest areas and yoga at midnight, we had insane amounts of caffeine to get us through all night drives. We slept 2 hours in a parking lot this morning and woke up with dazed minds, but were greeted with sunrise bliss over Arches. We conquered 16 hours of driving, one of the many night drives to come. Cheers to the days ahead."   

"Life is not a loop... each journey is an individual process that feels vital, an experience that we are invited to live into. A space of contemplation. Heart open. I'm trying to step into that space, to peel away the layers of hurt & toxicity and to understand the deepest parts of who I am. Embrace the pilgrimage."  

"Lean in, soak, and be drenched by the beauty and the wild."