2017: Moments + Favorites

2017, you've been a crazy, wild, amazing one. 

These photos are just a few of the moments and people that made what I do so wonderful (trust me, I narrowed it down - holy moly, I wish I could share all of them)! A huge thank you to everyone - to those who drove hours to hang out, froze their booties off, got poured on, explored cities, ran around and looked ridiculous for me, and most of all trusted me to capture who they were. Whether it was a wedding day, a rooftop, the ocean, or running up and down a freakin' mountain, I had an absolute blast! Every single one of you has such an incredible story, and I feel so honored that we got to hang out, even if it was just for an hour!

This has been a big year; it's been the first year that I've really dove head first into my business and poured so much into what I do. It's been exciting, terrifying, draining, rewarding, and a journey that has taught me so much and allowed me to see the growth! And, as I took the time to look through all the photos, I've been blown away as I re-live all the memories. You all remind me why I fell in love with visual storytelling, and why I continue to pursue it. 

So, thank you, thank you, thank you... you've added so much richness and joy to my 2017!

I couldn't be more excited for 2018! BIG, rad, new things are in store and I'm already stoked for the friendships and memories waiting to happen!!

ps. I'm also working on a Journal post to show some snippets of my life "off the camera" and can't wait to share! 

Downtown Portland + Urban Couples Session

Sophie & Evan.

New friends & urban tones make a pretty darn good day! 

Small town strolls Couples Session

This sunny December day was full of exploring small town neighborhoods (found some gems), way too much laughing & feeling nostalgic with Bubble gum! A huge thanks to Riley & Cassie for brightening my Wednesday afternoon!

Southern Oregon cozy, indoor engagement

In the PNW there is no shortage of rain, so November begins the search for creative shooting locations! Airbnbs have been the most fun discovery for escaping the dreary weather! Who wouldn't want a cozy, comfy shoot that involves actually drinking coffee and cuddling in blankets? 

This Airbnb was literally the DREAM (link at bottom)! So, if you dig these vibes & aren't feeling like a rainy shoot, then start searching some Airbnbs! Make a weekend out of it - you get photos AND a mini vacay all in one place! I'll even bring the coffee! ;) 

Need some suggestions in the Portland area? I've low key made a list (there are SO many cute ones) - so, shoot me a message and let's chat! 

Enjoy all the cozy vibes, give Carson & Savannah some love, and feel inspired for what your winter shoot could look like!! 

airbnb - The Greenwood Villa (Medford, OR) - THEY ARE AMAZING!

Chasing the sun at the Oregon coast

I'm always willing to drive the extra hours for a good shooting location - I just plug in a podcast or some solid tunes, grab coffee & enjoy the good headspace. It's a therapeutic thing, really. Driving is a good space to rest (and not stare at a screen). 

The coast never seems to disappoint either! Even if it's a 3 hour drive to catch the last 40 minutes of the golden hour, COUNT ME IN! 

Have some rad location ideas and want to shoot together? Message me! I'm ready for another drive! 

Cozy Coffee shop couples session

I love when my clients want to do something unique for their shoot, and when it involves coffee... then HECK YES! 

Portland Editorial Session

I'll take any reason to hang out in the city! Thankful for an afternoon filled with wanderings & photos with the lovely Maddie Hays! Here are a few gems from the day! 

Also, Maddie has a rad blog that you should be sure to check out!

Oregon Coast, Hug Point Couple session

Stylish Couple Session + Urban vibes

Meandering around Portland with these two was the dream! Always loving those city vibes & so thankful for these new friends!

Sunrise + Smith Rock Couple Session

Worth every bit of waking up at 4:30 am for this sunrise shoot! The rocks & the smiles really can't be beat! I'd go back to Smith Rock any day. 

Running around + The Painted Hills Engagement

The Painted Hills will forever be one of the most magical places I've ever shot, and hanging out with these two just made it better! Enjoy all the colors & all the smiles! 

Central Oregon + Lava beds Couple Session

A wonderful week of shooting adventures was kicked off by running up and down lava fields with these two! THE DREAM. Sunset never looked so good!