Sunset in the Columbia Gorge


Oh, Oregon - I’m grateful to live in a state where I’m an hour drive from the Columbia River Gorge and get to watch the sunset while capturing two people in love! It’s pretty dang dreamy!

 I love the mix of warm tones and forest vibes that the Gorge has to offer, it’s the perfect PNW feels. You have the rocky clifftops, tree covered mountains, and shimmering water ALL IN ONE SPACE. AHH!

Anyways, enough of me drooling over how beautiful Oregon is and how much I love the landscape! Now, time to get giddy over how amazing and adorable these two humans are!!


 Bailey and Kokanee are just such gems. They brought so much joy to the shoot and our evening together! They truly soaked into each moment and even embraced the crazy, wild, BEAUTIFUL windy hair (yep, both of them have frickin’ luscious locks #hairgoals)!

 I love the feeling I get when I’m invited into a story – that’s what it feels like when I’m capturing two people together. It feels as though I’m an observer of a greater moment than just two people standing in front of a gorgeous view – I’m experiencing a small snippet of their journey and savoring that.

 And WOW I’m so so so grateful to be a part of that!!
It never ceases to truly move my heart.

 So, thank you two these two babes for inviting me into this space with them – for soaking up the sunset with me, wandering along ridges, and sharing parts of your story with me!! I’m excited for all that this year holds for you two – both the good and the hard – I hope you can savor and soak it all up! Just remember how good you are at those airport arrival hugs. ;)

Grateful. Grateful. Grateful.






Cozy Indoor Couple photos at The Bindery // Michael + Kyra


oh boy, whatta good day with these two babes! I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend an hour all cuddly and being goofy with your boo? They snuggled their booties off, had crazy tickle fights, AND did some insane (and hilarious) “acrobatics” … be sure to scroll to the end to see those. ;)

kyra and michael were part of our home sweet home giveaway! which so many rad creatives contributed to. I’ll put a list at the end of the post so you can check out all their work. SO. GOOD.

also, the bindery in mcminnville is the absolute cutest space, and even had this cozy little living room set up for us to play around in! Seriously, check them out, they have everything!!

autumn in the pacific northwest always reminds me how nice it is to do in home sessions, escaping the rain and snugglin’ up! So, lots more of those please!


VIDEOGRAPHER // The Pair Visuals
HOUSE PLANT // Uflora Planthouse
CERAMIC SET // Susannah Ceramics


The Painted Hills Engagement session // Lilli + Zach


you really can never go wrong with spending a day running around the painted hills in central oregon! the deep moody colors of the hills at golden hour are really unlike anything else i’ve ever seen!

these two babes ooo-ed and awww-ed right alongside me as we explored the gorgeous landscapes! this space makes epic photos easy, and the grandness just overflows in every image I captured!

I’d drive to central oregon any day to hang out here!! Especially when it involves wonderful humans to hang out with (and donuts, that was a nice touch - thanks zach & lilli)!! ;)

Definitely go explore it yourself!! Go check out more info here!


Central Oregon, Lava Beds Couple Session // Haley + Brendan


all the moody goodness for this bend lava bed shoot! one of the things i love most about central oregon is that there is BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE IS EVERYWHERE! The lava beds, the mounts, the lakes, the forests, the deserts… it has got it all.

haley and brendan hiked all over the sharp lava rock with me (we only fell down + tripped a couple times haha). we walked back to the car right after the sun went below the peaks in the distance, and the whole field of rocks felt like it was glowing. it was so magical!

So, if you’re all about that epic landscape vibe, hit me uuuuuup and let’s hit the road to central oregon!


Downtown Belfast, Northern Ireland Couple Session // Bethany + Israel


ahhh, my heart just kept growing and growing with love for northern ireland! Then, I did this couples shoot in downtown belfast with these two lovely humans and the love grew even more!

These two were such champs showing me all the hidden gems as we explored all around the main square! I love them and their story and that they trusted me to capture them together for the first time that wasn’t “just selfies” haha! Also, can we just be like SHOOT DANG they are such babes!!!

we already know how much I love city photos and urban vibes, but belfast just filled my heart with all its cobblestone streets and beautiful architecture!

so, if you’re crushing on northern ireland too, and want to run around the city or the coast with your person, HIT ME UP!


Coastal clifftops + lots of frolicking


we all know I'd go to the coast in a heart beat! I don't think I'll ever get enough of those moody, earth tones and intricately textured cliffs. so, when these two good friends flew over to hang out, the oregon coast was a must (and so were photos)! we spent the whole day "beach hopping" and hit up all my favorite spots!

we got soaked by waves (never turn your back on the ocean), ate on the beach while shooing seagulls, saw SO many whales, and had endless good conversations. shoots like this are so life giving - where making photos together just feels like hanging out, being silly, telling stories, and just having fun!


oregon coast sunrise couple session // Taylor + Kevin


I love when random instagram conversations turn into plans and then into friendships! These two are some of the most kind and genuine humans, and I am SO grateful that I got to hang out and snap pics with them! 

Since they were from out of state, we took advantage of the tiny bit of overlap we had - aka 5 am in the morning we drove to the coast!! Worth every bit of that early morning wake up call!  


What To Expect for Engagement Photos



TRUST ME, I know how nerve wrecking it can be to jump in front of the camera (I'm used to staying on this side of the lens myself, haha)! But, my goal is to make it so fun for you two, and basically just a time to be creative, cuddle, be goofy, and run all around with your best friend - plus, we usually hang out somewhere pretty dang cool too! 


So, to put your mind at ease, I've put together this little "guide" to get you all excited and to let you know what to expect on our adventure together! Alrighty, let's roll!


I am all about directing the shoot in a way that feels natural, I'm not going to put you in an awkward pose and leave you there for 5 minutes of silence. HECK NO, this will be fun, relaxed, and comfortable. A photographer I know (Ben Sasso) said it best: "It’s dangerous to show up on set with an inflexible view of what you want to create. If you’re trying to direct a couple into delicate, intimate poses but they only sit there for a few seconds before they start making fart noises and tickling each other, you might need to adapt. If they start getting goofy, play into it. If they’re quiet and calm, let them sink further into that. Whatever fire they light, throw some wood on it." So, that being said, I'm not going to shove you into a cookie-cutter set of poses, I want these photos to feel so YOU. We'll play around and get creative, and really lean into who you two are.



I know this can be a struggle! I've been there - a million outfits scattered on the bed and trying to decide what looks best together! well, I've made a style guide to help with that! I want to make picking out clothes easy peasy, and I want you to feel confident that you two look so dang good together! So, head over to my Pinterest board to see what outfits, color pallets, and styles look good together! And again, just be you!



Don't worry, I have all the fun little games and ways to get you two loosened up and into it! ;) But, if you wanna sip some wine or swig a beer to get into your groove, totally do it!! I'm game for it all! We can even grab burgers + fries or some donuts if you want! You say the word! And, when the camera comes out though, just fully lean into BEING together! Yes, I'll give you prompts, but it's your job to interact and be yourselves together! YOU GOT THIS.


I gotchu! If you come fully as you are, the trust me to do the rest! Engagement & couple shoots are my absolute favorite because it really does feel like just hanging out + a camera haha. Don't feel stressed at all, I know all the details about making a good photo, so you just need to bring yourselves and the personality! 


Just enjoy each other, enjoy the space you're in together - whether that's sitting on a clifftop with a view, running up and down the coast, sippin' coffee at your fave downtown cafe, or spinning around in the desert - soak it up! Make jokes, do a jig, make fart sounds on each others' necks, whisper secrets, laugh hard, and cuddle harder! I just want you to fully enjoy yourselves! We're going to have a blast! 


I just love hanging out and getting to know you! I fully believe this is a co-creation, we're making these images together!

Have more questions or want to get this adventure on the road? hit me up!! 


Tacoma Waterfront Engagement session


These two!! A huge reason I add complimentary engagement sessions to my wedding packages is to make sure we have a chance to HANG OUT and just have fun so we're not strangers on the wedding day! And these two wonderful people are such a prime example - we had soooo much fun running around the tacoma waterfront! Their wedding isn't until September, but I happen to run into them at another wedding they were guests at in Portland, and it was like seeing friends!! That's what I want it to be like!! I want to hear about your wedding, but also JUST ABOUT YOU TWO! I want to hear what you do for fun, learn about what makes you excited, I really do mean it when I say I want to hear your stories! So, definitely take me up on that engagement session, and I promise it'll be super fun!