Moroccan + Woodsy Elopement



So grateful for the amazing group of people who made this possible! Scroll on down through the day to see the list of these incredible creatives! It felt like we could've been anywhere - Ireland, Yosemite, Iceland - it was the dream!



Coeur Brise: A Wes Anderson Inspired Shoot

Working on creative visions with other artists is something that feels important to my process as a photographer - it challenges the way I see through my lens and overall pushes me to make better images! Not to mention, anything Wes Anderson makes me all excited!

"The point of “Coeur Brise” was to create art, for ourselves. To evoke emotion through the photos and video, to do something different and out of our comfort zone. Each girl showcased her own interpretation of the vibe we were going for and together it looked incredible. Each day I’m reminded of how honored and thankful I am to work with so many creatives. Each talented in their own way and kind beyond words." -Alisha (@fortheloveoffloral)



florist/designer: / @fortheloveoffloral
Prop Stylist / @eclectic.home.staging 
Photography / @corriemahrphoto 
Video / @thepairvisuals 
Redesigned Furniture / @tabataelisadesign 
Wardrobe Styling / @thestyleopal 
Makeup / @mallory.dawn 
Hair / @hairbyanasoto 
Venue / @lightroompdx
Model / @heatherlynncameron

Columbia Gorge Clifftop Couples session

New friends are my favorite part of this job, that along with exploring the COOLEST places!! These two are some of the greatest + most fun humans, and their joy and love for each other was so frickin' present in every photo I took!! From a little burger joint in the middle of nowhere, to hanging out in the clouds on top of cliffs that looked like Ireland - it was a pretty rad day.

Botanical + Vineyard wedding

Just a few highlights from this beautiful day! All things Oregon wine country with classy botanical vibes!

Lovely Florals + The Portland Studio

I love every chance I get to work & hang out with other creatives! Cassie at Foraged Blooms is a wizard when it comes to all things florals! We had a blast hanging out in The Portland Studio, putting her vision to life. 

Here are just a few highlights from the afternoon! If you have ideas and want to chat about putting together a shoot, FOR SURE shoot me a message! I would love to hang out and do some creative work with you!

ps. Alisha is a bomb model & also makes beautiful creations! (for the love of floral)

2017: Moments + Favorites

2017, you've been a crazy, wild, amazing one. 

These photos are just a few of the moments and people that made what I do so wonderful (trust me, I narrowed it down - holy moly, I wish I could share all of them)! A huge thank you to everyone - to those who drove hours to hang out, froze their booties off, got poured on, explored cities, ran around and looked ridiculous for me, and most of all trusted me to capture who they were. Whether it was a wedding day, a rooftop, the ocean, or running up and down a freakin' mountain, I had an absolute blast! Every single one of you has such an incredible story, and I feel so honored that we got to hang out, even if it was just for an hour!

This has been a big year; it's been the first year that I've really dove head first into my business and poured so much into what I do. It's been exciting, terrifying, draining, rewarding, and a journey that has taught me so much and allowed me to see the growth! And, as I took the time to look through all the photos, I've been blown away as I re-live all the memories. You all remind me why I fell in love with visual storytelling, and why I continue to pursue it. 

So, thank you, thank you, thank you... you've added so much richness and joy to my 2017!

I couldn't be more excited for 2018! BIG, rad, new things are in store and I'm already stoked for the friendships and memories waiting to happen!!

ps. I'm also working on a Journal post to show some snippets of my life "off the camera" and can't wait to share! 

Downtown Portland + Urban Couples Session

Sophie & Evan.

New friends & urban tones make a pretty darn good day!