What Makes a Good Wedding Day


Trust me, I know the butterflies — the excitement, but also mixed with some stress — that come with prepping for the wedding day. It’s the thoughts like: What else do I need to do? Did I forget something? Will it go smoothly? What should the timeline look like? Who is going to guide the day? What if there’s not enough time? What if we feel rushed and I can’t enjoy it?

First, hear this - it’s normal. It’s ok to feel those whirling thoughts and emotions leading up to your wedding day. Now, take a deep breathe and relax.

I want to walk you through a few steps and helpful tips I’ve gathered, both from the many many many weddings I’ve shot, but also the experience from my own wedding day.

So, let’s do this together ok?



I’m sure you’ve seen this sentence scattered throughout my website, but YES, I’m going to say it again — I care SO deeply about what I do and make for you, I pour my whole heart into this process.

My goal is to make your day effortless so that you can wholeheartedly soak up the moments together and not worry about a single detail!

A few ways I strive to serve you best —

  • ENGAGEMENT SESSION. I give a free engagement session before hand because I want that extra time to get to know you, so that ON the wedding day I already know how to capture the truest you best!

  • QUESTIONNAIRE. I send out a pre-wedding questionnaire, this helps me gather allllllll the details before the wedding day so that there will be as few questions as possible!

  • TIMELINE. I collect the timeline and family photo groupings way before the actual wedding day, this way I can help keep everything on schedule and be efficient with photo time!

  • CHECK-INS. I try to check in with you several times before the wedding, just to make sure you’re doing good and see if there’s anything else I can do leading up to the big day!

  • VIBE. On the wedding day, I care SO SO SO much about the atmosphere. I want you both to feel, excited, relaxed, and remind you that you are HELLA BABES! I always want to make space for you two to breathe and soak up each moment and remind you to take it all in!

These are just a few ways I strive to serve you best as your wedding photographer! Yes, I will be documenting and capturing all your moments, but I also care about the way you feel throughout the day. I believe the best wedding days are made when you two just fully sink into being together and enjoy every second of this incredibly special day!



1. CHILL WEEK. Try to get all of those last minute "to-do's" checked off a week before your wedding! Make that last week your “chill zone.” Then, grab a drink, cozy up, and try and to just relax. I know for my own wedding, this was definitely something I did my best to apply! You'll be surprised how much a restful mind can change the day! 

2. PRESENCE. My mantra - "choosing presence over perfection" - this could not be more valuable! Sure, there will be tiny little things that won't go "as planned," but holy moly does perspective mean everything! The more you can lean into embracing whatever the day holds, knowing the person you love is choosing this beautiful commitment alongside you, the more amazing the every minute will feel! Trust me, I had a hair catastrophe (whole other story) and a heat wave hit on my wedding day, but I'd never felt more joyful and peaceful - everything with my hair worked out, we sweat the day away with all the people we love most, AND IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER! Just take lots of deep breathes, drink plenty of water, and be present in every moment of the day. 

3. GATHER. A few little tiny tips to kick off the day from the photo side of things: try and have all your tiny details collected in one spot - rings, shoes, bouquets, invitations, etc. - any detail you want me to capture. This helps to make sure both you and I can find all those important things waaaay easier without lots of scrambling to gather them while trying to finish the last touches.

4. TIMELINE. Have someone who can help keep the pace of the day. Even if you just delegate a friend to help keep your timeline on track, it will make the world of difference! You don't want that responsibility falling on your mom, best friend, or YOU. Spend time before the wedding creating a timeline, ask me to help - I've done a few of these! ;) Print it out, and give it to the person you've delegated. Have them be in charge of communicating to the different vendors and making sure everyone is on track. It will feel AMAZING to have that off your plate!!

5. DETAILS. If details stress you out, hire a planner and stylist! THEY. WORK. MAGIC. Want recs?? Ohhhh boy do I got them! Check out Mod & Maple, Mae & Co, Bixby + Pine, or Your Perfect Bridesmaid- I got a WHOLE LIST for all the amazing vendor ideas. So, let’s chat on that!

6. PHOTO TIMING. I LOVE first looks. Not only is it a sacred, private space for you two to enjoy a few moments together and breathe, it can be really helpful timeline wise to do majority of the group, party, family photos before the ceremony. Now, I totally know that first looks are not everyone’s cup of tea - that’s ok! Whatever you choose for YOUR day is going to be amazing! But, let’s spend some time chatting about building the right about of time for photos into your day so nothing feels rushed!

7. GOLDEN HOUR. Sometimes the “planned” portrait time doesn’t line up with the best sun schedule, but if you REALLY want those golden hour pics, then we can totally make that happen! During the reception we just sneak away for 10 minutes and get all the golden goodness!!

8. PAUSE. Take plenty of moments to pause. Really remind yourself to soak in every second, it does fly by.



Yep!! Not only am I always there if you need to jump on the phone or shoot a quick email, but I also have designed a detailed wedding guide that walks you through each step - from booking with me through post-wedding day! I want to be fully transparent about the whole process and to help you with each step along the way and your vision comes more to life! I want this to be on of the best days of your life!

So, if you’re still on the search for a photographer to capture your wedding day and savor those moments, I'd love to chat! I care about the whole process and bringing effortless atmosphere to your big day!