My Top 8 Favorite Programs





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So, I’m all about programs that the backend side of business a breeze! These are the 8 photography resources that have been game changers for me, and I want to share them with you!

I. HONEYBOOK - I’m OBSESSED with Honeybook, they legit make the life of a small business owner a million times easier! I love HB so much that I wrote a WHOLE blog post on my favorite things about Honeybook!

II. CREATIVE MARKET - I use this for so many fun creative needs! Creative Market is full of fun add ons and pretty fonts! Definitely check them out!!

III. PHOTOMECHANIC - This is where I spend all my culling time. It cuts that process in half and allows me to pour more energy into the editing and not just the “picking” process.

IIII. PIC-TIME - I deliver all my galleries through this wonderful little platform! Not only is is SO easy to use, but it’s soooo aesthetically pleasing too! Want your first month free?? Click here + sign up!

V. SQUARESPACE - And of course this beauty! You wouldn’t be able to be here right now if it weren’t for this incredible platform that makes website building fun and easy! There’s tons tons tons of templates for you to play around with and find what style fits you best! 100000000% recommend it!

VI. BLOGSTOMP - Not the biggest fan of blogging? Too time consuming? Well, wave goodbye to hours and hours of dragging pics in a blog and waiting for them to load! BlogStomp is UH-MAZING! It’s an easy, quick drag-n-drop blogging platform that allows you to blog beautiful image spreads without using your whole afternoon! I love blogging now!

VII. QUICKBOOKS - Finances and keeping them organized! Phew. That always scared me the most when starting a business! But, Quickbooks makes it simple - it allows you to keep track of all your expenses and income, plus figure out all the goodness you can write off for taxes! You can even send invoices and receive payments! GET. IT. You won’t regret it!

VIII. MILE IQ - THIS. Did you know you can right off your mileage as a small business owner? YEP. So, this app helps you track all your drives and categorize them super easily!! It’s so great!! Click the link and snag 20% off your first year!

And for a bonus… I could not do this without Lightroom + Photoshop! These programs make all the post processing a dream!