Phuket, Thailand Family Session // The Hills


Phuket Thailand stole my heart before the plane wheels had even fully touched the ground. I’ve been to Northern Thailand multiple times, but this eastern little island  was a full of new tropical magic!

 We spent most of our two weeks there exploring, beach soaking, night market-ing, and island hopping! But, I was grateful that we found one evening on the last few days to do this beautiful family session!

 Now, I’m not generally one to do family sessions, but the Hills may have changed that. This session felt like life was unfolding right in front of me, and I had the honor of observing and capturing all the moments happening.

We all know I’m a big believer in the candid parts of life, the ones you can’t pose or stage. This whole session was ALL about that. I suppose that’s probably easiest with kids – but it truly is incredible to see life in it’s rawest, messy, most beautiful form. The playfulness, the tight squeeze cuddles, the mid-session nursing, the bare-booty goodness of being a kid at the beach!

 We wandered down from their hilltop home to the little beach in a private cove! We wandered along the rocks and peeked into all the tidepools along the way. After reaching the beach, we all got swim-suited up and soaked up the warm Thailand ocean water as we floated around and played!

 I’m HEAD OVER HEELS for the images at the bottom where I braved to bring my camera in the ocean with me. It was worth it! All those moments of interaction feel intimate and so true to the joy and beauty this family radiates!

 Grateful beyond words to have been a part of savoring some of their memories in this beautiful country! Anyone want to go back to Phuket with me and do more photos? I’d be there in a heartbeat!!