Sunset in the Columbia Gorge


Oh, Oregon - I’m grateful to live in a state where I’m an hour drive from the Columbia River Gorge and get to watch the sunset while capturing two people in love! It’s pretty dang dreamy!

 I love the mix of warm tones and forest vibes that the Gorge has to offer, it’s the perfect PNW feels. You have the rocky clifftops, tree covered mountains, and shimmering water ALL IN ONE SPACE. AHH!

Anyways, enough of me drooling over how beautiful Oregon is and how much I love the landscape! Now, time to get giddy over how amazing and adorable these two humans are!!


 Bailey and Kokanee are just such gems. They brought so much joy to the shoot and our evening together! They truly soaked into each moment and even embraced the crazy, wild, BEAUTIFUL windy hair (yep, both of them have frickin’ luscious locks #hairgoals)!

 I love the feeling I get when I’m invited into a story – that’s what it feels like when I’m capturing two people together. It feels as though I’m an observer of a greater moment than just two people standing in front of a gorgeous view – I’m experiencing a small snippet of their journey and savoring that.

 And WOW I’m so so so grateful to be a part of that!!
It never ceases to truly move my heart.

 So, thank you two these two babes for inviting me into this space with them – for soaking up the sunset with me, wandering along ridges, and sharing parts of your story with me!! I’m excited for all that this year holds for you two – both the good and the hard – I hope you can savor and soak it all up! Just remember how good you are at those airport arrival hugs. ;)

Grateful. Grateful. Grateful.






The Portland Studio Styled Shoot // Minimal.


This minimalist, trendy styled shoot at The Portland Studio made my creativity cup overflow!! There’s something so special about being able to do shoots like this, to put together something that invites artists and business babes to collaborate on something unique and fun!

 First, I just need to say – to all your creatives out there, make time for things like this. Make time for the fun projects and for pushing the box to do something that sounds different and exciting! During off season, it’s easy to feel “land locked” if you’re not shooting a ton! So, whenever I start to feel that oh-so-common creative block, I always try to put something together that will feel life giving and allow all those artsy juices to flow! I find that shoots like this strengthen my creative ability for all my clients – they make my work SO much stronger and allow space to try new things!

This editorial photo shoot was not only a JOY to be a part of, but I wanted it to be an inspiration to both other creatives AND to all couples. I want anyone who is planning a wedding, elopement, or just couples photos to see that there are no limits to the vision you want! You never have to stick with what a wedding day “should” look like. Make it your own. Let the vibe of the day speak to who you are! And, if that means wearing a badass jumpsuit and pearl cape, THEN HECK YES YOU CAN DO THAT!  

Ok, also… everyone who poured into making this shoot possible is INCREDIBLE!! If you’re planning your wedding or just fell in love with some aspect of this collaboration, then please scroll to the bottom and check out all the wonderful humans who were a part of this!

Everyone who made this possible…

PHOTO // Corrie Mahr Photo
Mod & Maple
Claire La Faye
MUA //
Styled By Mal
Linen & Poppi
The Portland Studio
Talia Hope (+ her boo)
Vintage Meets Modern